segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2017

video animation_ HD_ 3'45''  2017 - 16:9 - color -stereo

Waves in the sea, waves of people that come from boat.
 the coast is just far, it blinks in yellow lights, but waves splash, and in between, water....and...water. Danger always present.

There's only a fixed camera in order to reinforce the notion of time which is very long, even if we see the coast we aren't there yet, and danger, waves, are in the first plan.


created-directed-produced by   anabela costa
music by                                 stathis kampylis
animation-FX-edited by            anabela costa

scientific advisor                      evelyne lutton

This film was possible by the use of a INRIA experimental software with which I work for the image generation and moving image generation.

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